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What's it about?

KiVa Corporate Coaching: 

For promoting physical and mental wellbeing and performance to corporates and their staff in Jyväskylä region. 

KiVa Coaching is based on individual Firstbeat Life measurements and interviews.  

With us the corporate´s resources are targeted ideally and to the right people.  


KiVa Concept: 

Three levels to support wellbeing and performance.  


1. KiVa Group Coaching: 

  • Staff/ group based  

  • Firstbeat Life measurements bring physiological data on individual stress, sleep, recovery and exercise  

  • KiVa Pronssi (Bronze): 3 months, 3 coaching sessions  

  • KiVa Hopea (Silver): 6 months, 6 coaching sessions 

  • KiVa Kulta (Gold): 12 months, 9 coaching sessions 


2. KiVa Targeted Coaching: 

  • After KiVa Group Coaching   

  • To empolyees with reduced or low wellbeing and performance 

  • Group based with personal goals (max 10 pers.) 


3. KiVa Support Services: 

  • After KiVa Group Coaching/ KiVa Targeted Coaching   

  • Corporate based follow-up and support for wellbeing and performance 


KiVa Team: 

  • Kirsi:  

  • Occupational Health Psychologist, Supervisor 

  • Expert on mental wellbeing and performance 


  • Valtteri:  

  • Personal Trainer  

  • Expert on physical wellbeing and performance  

  • Prior experience working primarily in English  

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